Sunday, July 24, 2011

The AmourGenesis Favorite Nail Color of the Week!

Style it up Like Katy Perry!!
The AmourGenesis Favorite Nail Color of the Week
And the winner is…
Last Friday Night
And try it with…
Black Shatter 
If you’re truly a style and trend setter you’ll try O.P.I’s Katy Perry collection.

It has the perfect colors to give your nails a sexy finish and shows off your love for pop culture!

Last Friday Night is one of my all-time favorite sparkle blues because it adds tons of irresistible sex appeal and looks hot for any Friday night.
 The first thing I think of when I wear this color is…

 “Ohh the fun I had that weekend!”

O.P.I’s Black Shatter is the epitome of high-fashion and sex appeal. Whether you’re in the mood for blues, yellows, purples, or more- Black Shatter will leave your nails begging for more. This two-toned crackle effect adds drama and style to any color in just one coat!

You can't enjoy your Friday night without Beautiful Nails!

About O.P.I’s Katy Perry Collection
She’s One-of-a-Kind, She’s Stylish, She’s Glam-She’s Katy Perry. And since she has her own style collection with O.P.I. your nails can be as fabulous as hers.

The collection includes five edgy nail polishes each with Katy Perry’s style and glam: Teenage Dream, Not Like the Movies, Last Friday Night, The One That Got Away, and Black Shatter. If you’re looking for the perfect edge to make your nails pop try Katy Perry’s shades!

How to Use Shatter Polish
Apply one coat of Shatter Polish to any dry nail lacquer for a beautiful crackle effect and two-textured dramatic look. And be sure to add a clear top coat to keep your colors bold and vibrant! 

Until Next Time,
Be Sexy, Be Stylish, Be Shattered!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wedge Sensation!

Wedge Sensation!
My Love for Summer Wedges 

I was shopping at my favorite shoe warehouse, DSW and came across a pair of FABULOUS wedges! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these exotic colors wrapped around my feet and calves. “They’re beautiful!” That’s the first thing I thought when I saw these love at first sight shoes.
Titled as, “The Tipper” these adorable wedges can be worn around your ankles or calves and are perfect for any look in spring or summer. 

My Eye Candy

These fancy kicks are in Impo’s newest summer 2011 collection and are guaranteed to give you all the fashion and style you need. Visit for more shoe concepts and wicked wedges!

About Impo
IMPO was invented by two brothers from a small island in Denmark who launched Impo International, a company that had started out by importing a few Danish clogs for friends from their fathers wooden shoe factory in Denmark and had quickly grown to become the largest importer of clogs in the United States.

Over the years the company evolved and has produced all types of footwear, from macramé sandals in the 1970’s to fashion kidskin, snakeskin and eel skin footwear in the 1980’s, to becoming a leader in fashion dress sandals, shoes and boots in the 1990’s.

Today, Impo International is a world-class footwear company which designs and produces women’s dress sandals, shoes and boots for major retailers, independents and footwear companies internationally.
Directly from

Until Next Time,
Be Fabulous, Be Fancy, Be Fashionably Loud!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beauty and Brains!

Beauty and Brains!
 Never Let Your Beauty Fade
Being the gorgeous, intelligent and highly ambitious women that we are often comes with a price-Stress.
Whether it’s puffy eyes, wrinkles in our skin, hair loss, or weight gain, each of us have experienced some form of stress that tries to hide our beauty.

The Question Is?
How do we maintain our beauty despite our everyday work routine, career goals and stress?
It’s Easy!

Try the AmourGenesis Beauty Tips

1.  Get plenty of rest- or at least as much as possible. I recommend getting 8-9 hours of sleep per night. 

2.  Regularly.
The suggested amount is at least 3 times per week even if it’s for a short time. Trust me three days a week can make a big difference for your body and overall health. 
3. Take Vitamin Supplements.
 Talk to your nearest pharmacist or physician to find out which vitamins are best for you. 

Because I’m constantly on the go and not always getting as much rest as my body needs, I take daily vitamins like Omega 3 Fish Oil (for heart, skin, and nails), Vitamin C (for healthy eyes), Vitamin B (for energy and support), and Multivitamins (a mix of supplements and proteins).

          4. Drink plenty of water.
 The suggested amount is 8-10, 8-ounce, glasses per day. Drinking water is great for your skin, nails, hair and everything else you can think of that shows off your beauty. 

5.              Take Yoga, Pilates, Boxing or Dancing Classes. 
These fantastic courses not only keep you in shape but are great stress-relievers.
One of my favorites is Zumba because I’m always moving throughout the class and when I leave I feel like I’ve lost 10 pounds!
My Favorite Healthy Woman

Meet the epitome of beauty and brains…Our Stunning First Lady Michelle Obama

Have Questions?
Contact AmourGenesis at, via Facebook or Twitter!! 

Until Next Time,
Be Healthy, Be Smart, Be Breathtaking!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pretty Pocahontas!

The Pretty Pocahontas
The Best Feathered Trends for Your Fashion Needs!
Birds of a Feather Flock Together!
As we know, many of us get her trends and styles from celebrities. Whether its polka dots, wedges or square-shaped bangles celebrities can help make a huge difference in our sense of style and fashion identity. 

Because celebs introduce us to the hottest trends and show us how to really rock them I thought it was only right that I post a few photos of these fashionable ladies wearing feathered earrings and the new trend feathers have created!

See some of the hottest celebs wearing feathered earrings and showing them off well.

From Left to Right: Raven Simone, Hayden Pannettiere and Drew Barrymore looking fabulous and their feathered earrings.

See Miley Cyrus all grown up and feathered out in her dangled earrings.

Check out the fabulous Michelle Williams trending her elaborate feathered hat with left dangling earring.

If you thought the girls were hot, check out famous rock star, Steven Tyler in his feathered hair extensions!

AmourGenesis in her Feathered Pocahontas Look

How to Wear Them?
Because feathers come in so many different accessories and looks you can pair them with pretty much anything.

They look hot if you’re going for a casual look in jeans or leggings, high fashion look in your favorite couture and even in your hair for extensions like Steven Tyler. 

How you wear them is all up to you as long as you work them right and show them off well!

Find Your Feathers
If you’re looking for the perfect feather accessory but don’t know where to go or want to try a new place check out these stores:

Urban Outfitters
And many others!

Until Next Time,
Be funky, Be flirty, Be feathered!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shoe Fly Shoe

Shoe Fly Shoe!
A Celebration of the Newest Edition to my Closet and the Talented work of Melody Ehsani
One of my fellow fashion bloggers told me about designer, entrepreneur and model, Melody Ehsani. 

The first time I visited her website I knew I couldn’t leave her online store without buying at least one thing.  Her fabulous custom designs, jewelry and shoe collections are super trendy and absolutely gorgeous. 

This girl has some of the baddest, boldest, and most beautiful accessories and shoes I have EVER seen! 

Even celebrity greats like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson, Alicia Keys and many others are rocking her designs. Check out Keri Hilson wearing her “No Boys Chain.”

See Beyonce looking stunning as always in Melody Ehsani’s Masaai inspired “Celebration” necklace on the Cover of Time Magazine!!

See Nicki Minaj, “The Harijuku Barbie” trending Melody Ehsani’s earrings in her “Massive Attack” video.

My Fly Shoes!
Melody Ehsani’s shoes are the perfect compliment for her bold accessories and trendy custom designs. 

Check out the jewel-beaded heels I bought when I shopped at her store.

The Fabulous AmourGenesis wearing
Melody Ehsani’s “Spacey.”
For more information and to shop with 
Melody Ehsani visit

Until Next Time,
Be Bad, Be Bold, Be Beautiful!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The AmourGenesis Favorite Nail Color of the Week

The AmourGenesis Favorite Nail Color of the Week

And the lucky winner is…      

Ladies and Magenta-Men

Get Obsessed with My Hot Pink Madness
Four words…“I love this color!”
My favorite nail polish this week is definitely “Ladies and Magenta-Men” because I love bright, hot pink. It looks great with any fashion style and compliments perfectly with natural and creative makeup looks. 

And did I mention that you can wear it with any lip color?

I’ve seen so many girls wear this color and it stands out from a mile away.

Ladies and Magenta-Men is the perfect recipe for a trendy, bold and attention-stopping look. If you’re looking for a new nail color, but not sure what to try first, definitely pick up O.P.I’s “Ladies and Magenta-Men.” 

  You can’t go wrong in hot pink!

More About O.P.I.
O.P.I ‘s nail polish is by far one of the most popular nail lacquer brands because they have the perfect shades to compliment every girl.  Whether you’re in your teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond, O.P.I. has right match for you and is sure to leave your nails glowing for days.

Visit to find your favorite nail color today!

Until Next Time,
Be Bright, Be Pink, Be Beautiful!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's Heaven in Havaianas

It’s Heaven in Havaianas!
The Summer Beach Party with InStyle and Havaianas
What’s Havaianas?
Havaianas was born in 1962 and inspired by the Zori, typical Japanese sandals made of fabric straps and rice straw soles. 

They specialize in Women’s, Men’s, Kids, Limited Edition, Bridal and Custom-Designed sandals.
Havaianas is by far one of the most stylish sandals ever. 

If you’re looking for the right sandals that you can custom design with your personal style try Havaianas.  
For more information about Havaianas visit


I was invited to the “Havaianas and InStyle Beach Party” last Thursday and it was definitely a blast! 

The Perfect Fit for AmourGenesis
When I first arrived at the event I got to spin the Havaianas wheel for a special prize. And guess what it was… My Very Own Havaianas Flip Flops!

AmourGenesis spinning the Havaianas wheel waiting for her grand prize!

This was the cute little red voucher the InStyle and Havaianas girls gave me to turn for my custom-made Havaianas Flip Flops.

  While standing in line for my new sandals I met one of Chicago’s hottest celebs, Billy Dec.

Of course it would only be right for me to custom design them with my logo colors, pink and purple, and add cute embellishments like “Love” and a star to really set them off. 

These were the Havaianas that my publicist, Mikeya Summerville of iT Factor Agency and I brought. 

Mikeya is wearing her own custom-designed yellow and silver Havaianas with gold embellishments. And of course her toes match them too!

AmourGenesis is wearing the pink and purple Havaianas with a gold star and “Love” embellishment. Extra fabulous for a summer on the beach!

F.Y.I our toes were a little dry from the sand but we definitely use lotion lol

 AmourGenesis and the fabulous Afrobella at the InStyle and Havaianas Beach Party.

The Lovely girls at the beach party! From left to right, Peggy J. Cook, Mikeya Summerville, Katie Cahnmann, Cha’rron Chic and AmourGenesis. 

 This was an amazing beach party and I will definitely be shopping more with Havaianas again soon!!