Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The AmourGenesis Favorite Nail Color of the Week

The AmourGenesis Favorite Nail Color of the Week
Show Off in Sally Hansen’s Gorgeous Grape

Save the Last Dance in Sally Hansen’s Strobe Light

If you’re looking for the perfect color this summer that’s fun, trendy and absolutely gorgeous try Sally Hansen’s “Gorgeous Grape!” 

It’s soft yet amazingly flattering, looks great in high-fashion, casual, or everyday wardrobe styles. And plus it’s great for nail growth and strength. 

Why settle for anything less when you can have fabulous nails that are strong and healthy?

And if you really want to go out with a bang be sure to try Sally Hansen’s “Strobe Light!” You will be the life of the party and you won’t regret it!

My 5 Favorite Nail Tips
1.    Keep your hands clean, soft and moisturized.
2.  Keep your cuticles pushed back and moisturized.
3.  Keep your nails at a length that’s comfortable for you. Remember you always want just enough to make your color pop without over doing it.
4.  Never wear chipped nail polish. Trust me it’s better to go out with bare nails than wear chipped polish.
5.  Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new colors. The only way to know if something works for you is to try it out! Pick bold colors like reds, oranges, yellows, purples and blues to give you a high fashion look that is sure to get noticed in the crowd. 

For more information about Sally Hansen and their awesome products visit

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 Be Glamorous, Be Glowing, Be Gorgeous!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Day in the Life of AmourGenesis

A Day in the Life of AmourGenesis
A collection of my commercial, swimsuit and high fashion looks for the perfect summer in Chicago.

The Bohemian Goddess
The “Bohemian Goddess” is my first commercial modeling look. I wanted to try it because after looking through my past photo shoots I noticed that I didn’t have anything that was natural and life-like and I definitely wanted to show this side of my work.

  A Natural Beauty
You can see in the photos that my dress is very flowing and natural and can be worn by the average woman.  The earth tone colors in my dress: red, yellow, green, crème and peach naturally compliment the sunlight and gave this look a very bohemian yet free feeling.  

Walking on Sunshine: My Bare Soles
As you can see I’m not wearing any shoes. And that was on purpose. Since this look is so natural and reflects an earthy bohemian concept, my stylists thought it would be great to photograph in my bare feet and become one with the environment.  

I’m really glad I tried this look because it’s completely different from anything that I’ve ever done and it proves that sometimes shoes aren’t always a girl’s best friend.  

In my case, this is the perfect commercial look because it’s very eye-catching and didn’t take away from my natural beauty. Although, it wasn’t easy running in the wind with wild hair and bare feet this is by far one of my favorite looks and I hope this inspires others to try it too! 

      Women can be Warriors too!
The first time I saw these photos the first thing I thought is that “Women can be warriors to!”

Hail to the Queen!
The exotic beading and color schemes of my bikini top with matching bottoms scream out “The Amazon Queen.”

 A Warrior’s Weapons
The elaborate details in my bracelet and earrings provoke ideas of Royalty and Domination because of the unusual style, gold colors and odd shapes. 

The Islander
The waterfall, stones, rocks, and trees embody a sense of island paradise and seclusion as the “Amazon Queen” stands high on her territory and poses seductively for the camera.
This swimsuit looks proves that women do really run the world.

Beauty and the Backyard
This look is perfect for a backyard bar-b-que or party with friends.  Simply throwing on a pair of cute shorts with a stylish bikini top and dramatic accessories really brings a swimsuit to life and lets you wear it all day!

The Jewelry Fetish
One of the best things I love about this relaxed beach look is that it screams “I love jewelry. Look at how the accessories work together to make the shorts and bikini top really stand out without taking away from the beading and elaboration.

My World in Couture
Without a doubt, this is my best work yet. The energy from this entire look shows my high-fashion alter ego and the diva inside of every woman, especially AmourGenesis.

Meet Me in High-Fashion: A Jumpsuit Affair
This jumpsuit gives me a very full elongated look that adds height to my frame and lengthens my legs. *The perfect trick to make your body look taller.

I Walk Tall: My Strappy Heels
The silver color and detailed straps in my shoes compliments my jump suit fabulously for a summer couture look.  And did I forget to mention that it adds a lot of height to my figure.

The Faceoff: Fierce vs. Dramatic
The dramatic, fierce and editorial makeup makes my face instantly pop with bright hues of blue, purple, silver, gray and black.
My wild wavy hair adds drama and fire to my intense high-fashion look.

Even though it was chilly outside during my shoot I pulled through and it turned out to be a great photo shoot!

Before I go I want to give a special thanks to all that helped make my latest photo shoot a masterpiece. 

Thank you especially to Mikeya Summerville of iT Factor Agency for her fabulous fashion insight, excellent PR skills and creative direction throughout the entire shoot and beyond. 

Thank you to R.L. Fox of The Glamour Groupe for his amazing creative direction, fantastic styling and expertise in perfecting my poses and facial expressions. 

Thanks to Karl Ray who is an incredible photographer who I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with. Thanks to Jessica McElroy for her fabulous makeup and creativity. And last but not least I want to give a special thanks to Katherine Gamby for her talented videography work and support throughout the entire day!! 

Each of these talented individuals played a major part in the success of “A Day in the life of AmourGenesis” and I cannot thank them enough for their hard work, guidance and creative talents. 

Stay tuned for the AmourGenesis "Behind the scenes" video and more blog posts this week!!

Until Next Time,
 Be Beautiful, Be Breathtaking, Be Born With It!