Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pretty Pocahontas!

The Pretty Pocahontas
The Best Feathered Trends for Your Fashion Needs!
Birds of a Feather Flock Together!
As we know, many of us get her trends and styles from celebrities. Whether its polka dots, wedges or square-shaped bangles celebrities can help make a huge difference in our sense of style and fashion identity. 

Because celebs introduce us to the hottest trends and show us how to really rock them I thought it was only right that I post a few photos of these fashionable ladies wearing feathered earrings and the new trend feathers have created!

See some of the hottest celebs wearing feathered earrings and showing them off well.

From Left to Right: Raven Simone, Hayden Pannettiere and Drew Barrymore looking fabulous and their feathered earrings.

See Miley Cyrus all grown up and feathered out in her dangled earrings.

Check out the fabulous Michelle Williams trending her elaborate feathered hat with left dangling earring.

If you thought the girls were hot, check out famous rock star, Steven Tyler in his feathered hair extensions!

AmourGenesis in her Feathered Pocahontas Look

How to Wear Them?
Because feathers come in so many different accessories and looks you can pair them with pretty much anything.

They look hot if you’re going for a casual look in jeans or leggings, high fashion look in your favorite couture and even in your hair for extensions like Steven Tyler. 

How you wear them is all up to you as long as you work them right and show them off well!

Find Your Feathers
If you’re looking for the perfect feather accessory but don’t know where to go or want to try a new place check out these stores:

Urban Outfitters
And many others!

Until Next Time,
Be funky, Be flirty, Be feathered!

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