Sunday, July 24, 2011

The AmourGenesis Favorite Nail Color of the Week!

Style it up Like Katy Perry!!
The AmourGenesis Favorite Nail Color of the Week
And the winner is…
Last Friday Night
And try it with…
Black Shatter 
If you’re truly a style and trend setter you’ll try O.P.I’s Katy Perry collection.

It has the perfect colors to give your nails a sexy finish and shows off your love for pop culture!

Last Friday Night is one of my all-time favorite sparkle blues because it adds tons of irresistible sex appeal and looks hot for any Friday night.
 The first thing I think of when I wear this color is…

 “Ohh the fun I had that weekend!”

O.P.I’s Black Shatter is the epitome of high-fashion and sex appeal. Whether you’re in the mood for blues, yellows, purples, or more- Black Shatter will leave your nails begging for more. This two-toned crackle effect adds drama and style to any color in just one coat!

You can't enjoy your Friday night without Beautiful Nails!

About O.P.I’s Katy Perry Collection
She’s One-of-a-Kind, She’s Stylish, She’s Glam-She’s Katy Perry. And since she has her own style collection with O.P.I. your nails can be as fabulous as hers.

The collection includes five edgy nail polishes each with Katy Perry’s style and glam: Teenage Dream, Not Like the Movies, Last Friday Night, The One That Got Away, and Black Shatter. If you’re looking for the perfect edge to make your nails pop try Katy Perry’s shades!

How to Use Shatter Polish
Apply one coat of Shatter Polish to any dry nail lacquer for a beautiful crackle effect and two-textured dramatic look. And be sure to add a clear top coat to keep your colors bold and vibrant! 

Until Next Time,
Be Sexy, Be Stylish, Be Shattered!

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