Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wedge Sensation!

Wedge Sensation!
My Love for Summer Wedges 

I was shopping at my favorite shoe warehouse, DSW and came across a pair of FABULOUS wedges! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these exotic colors wrapped around my feet and calves. “They’re beautiful!” That’s the first thing I thought when I saw these love at first sight shoes.
Titled as, “The Tipper” these adorable wedges can be worn around your ankles or calves and are perfect for any look in spring or summer. 

My Eye Candy

These fancy kicks are in Impo’s newest summer 2011 collection and are guaranteed to give you all the fashion and style you need. Visit for more shoe concepts and wicked wedges!

About Impo
IMPO was invented by two brothers from a small island in Denmark who launched Impo International, a company that had started out by importing a few Danish clogs for friends from their fathers wooden shoe factory in Denmark and had quickly grown to become the largest importer of clogs in the United States.

Over the years the company evolved and has produced all types of footwear, from macramé sandals in the 1970’s to fashion kidskin, snakeskin and eel skin footwear in the 1980’s, to becoming a leader in fashion dress sandals, shoes and boots in the 1990’s.

Today, Impo International is a world-class footwear company which designs and produces women’s dress sandals, shoes and boots for major retailers, independents and footwear companies internationally.
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Be Fabulous, Be Fancy, Be Fashionably Loud!

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