Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Distinguished Gentlemen

Why the Fashion Industry Can’t Stop Buzzing Over NorrisXThrash!
From the moment I met NorrisXThrash, I knew that these two would be un-stoppable in the fashion industry and unsurpassed in their one-of-a-kind eclectic edge and style. Maybe it’s their fearlessness to step outside of the box with their creative fashion direction or their distinguished approach to setting new trends and standards in L.A.’s fashion industry. Whether this talented celebrity stylist duo is styling for some of the hottest names in Hollywood, inventing new seasonal trends, posting one of their latest fashion blogs or helping their clients find the perfect image and style, NorrisXThrash are quickly becoming an industry household name and taking L.A. by storm one day at a time!
Style Talk at Aroma Café
I first met NorrisXThrash at Aroma Café on Sunset Blvd. When I walked into the café, I knew exactly who they were because they looked like style icons.Amour Genesis
Recently, yours truly had the pleasure of chatting with NorrisXThrash over french toast, omelettes and vanilla lattes at Aroma Café on Sunset Boulevard! I have to say, not only are NorrisXThrash amazing, talented celebrity stylists, but they’re also extremely sweet and are a true reflection of humble professionals. Despite that they work in an incredibly fast-paced environment and are surrounded by endless Hollywood Glamour, NorrisXThrash have remained true to themselves and have stayed humble throughout their titles and success- Drawing the industry even closer to them!
Check out highlights from our brunch interview!

Posing with Style Divo’s, NorrisXThrash!

Norris, Amour Genesis and Thrash after our interview at Aroma Café
One of the immediate things that drew me to NorrisXThrash is their sincere passion to take their career to new heights in the fashion industry. Outside of becoming celebrity stylists, this fashion team takes great pride in helping to influence and educate others on fashion, style and creative direction.  Unlike many other stylists, NorrisXThrash have sought out to share their creative passions and are working continuously to transform the fashion industry with their signature cutting-edge style and sophisticated flair.
The Style Duo!

Thrash of NorrisXThrash

“Me, Myself I’m more of a vintage style guy. I don’t really wear too much current stuff. I’m really a big thrifter.”- Thrash

Norris of NorrisXThrash

“I’m more of a designer because a lot of those items are modern creativity. But I do have a few pieces of vintage. I’m more loafers, casual.”
Behind-the-Scenes of Style Gents, NorrisXThrash

NorrisXThrash styling for the band, Twenty One Pilots’ music video “Holding On To You”  

NorrisXThrash styled for teen singing sensation, Tiahna Gennae’s photo shoot in Hollywood!

NorrisXThrash on set to style British Singer, Mika for his video “Underwater”

Getting Actor and Comedian, Ray Grady Styled and Ready for his Red Carpet Appearance at the Men’s Fashion Week Los Angeles Launch Party!

 NorrisXThrash on the set of Krave Magazine to style Actor, Omari Hardwick!

One of their latest Style Trends!
Having fun with Mix-Matched Socks

NorrisXThrash, the two Gentlemen that have defined the meaning of style.

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Interview and Blog by Amour Genesis

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À Bientôt Fashionistas

Photo Courtesy: Suspend Magazine (Photographer, Diana Abapo and Assistant, Natasha Enriquez) and
JC Rags USA "The 4 Dot Company".