Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Princess Closet!

Where Prom Dreams Become Reality

For those of you that may not know, The Princess Closet is a non-profit organization committed to granting prom wishes for teens and awarding academic scholarship for Chicago’s female youth. As we all know, it’s every girl’s wish to go to prom and look and feel glamorously beautiful. However, this is sometimes a challenge for many families because they cannot always afford to cover their daughter’s financial prom expenses such as purchasing her dress, shoes, accessories, and even other traditional items such as prom tickets, transportation to and from prom, and everything else that goes into planning for this big special day. That’s where the Princess Closet comes in. We help our teens and save their families many of these burdens by providing free, beautiful prom dresses for our teens, accessories whenever possible and even complimentary hair and makeup services for those that are truly in need. In turn, we’re able to grant the prom wishes of Chicago’s teens and ensure that their prom experience is as beautiful and special as they are. 

I must say that it is quite an honor to be the Spokesmodel and Honorary Board Member for Chicago’s own, Princess Closet. This team of dedicated “fairy god-mothers” are always committed to helping our female youth both personally and academically, and further more have devoted themselves to making dreams come true. I couldn’t ask for a better organization to be a part of. I love what the Princess Closet is doing and I’m proud to say that I am involved in their organization.

 What Have We Done for Teens Lately?
Martina and I holding up her scholarship award on Univision TV!

The Princess Closet was recently featured live on Univision TV to present “The Believe to Achieve” Scholarship to our heartfelt winner, Martina Cohran. It was such a honor to have to the experience of touching Martina’s life and helping her on her journey to college. Martina’s such a beautiful and intelligent young woman and we were all very happy to have helped her in her academic endeavors.

The Princess Closet presenting “The Believe to Achieve” Scholarship Award to Martina Cohran (center)

 Martina enjoying Connie’s Pizza and the beautiful pink gift bags I made for her!

Well loves, I hope you enjoyed my highlights from the Princess Closet "Believe to Achieve" scholarship presentation. This was truly a great experience and I look forward to sharing more exciting things with you guys soon! 

In the meantime, please visit for more information and the latest news from The Princess Closet. 

 Au Revoir Princesses!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Glamorous Life of L.A.!

J'adore L.A.!

Hey Lovebugs! First let me say that my experience in Los Angeles was like none other before. I’m so fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience the culture, lifestyle, entertainment and new-world era that L.A. has to offer. Although, I only spent three short days there I already feel like Cali is my home and I’m counting down the days of when I can finally make it official. I proudly welcome L.A. into my world and invite the endless glamour awaiting me!

Betsey Johnson
On Saturday, August 18th, The Grove’s, Nordstrom greeted a very special someone dressed in a beautiful, gold layered dress,  punk rock pig tails and very haute couture signature stilettos- Guess who? Yes it was the Fabulous Miss Betsey Johnson of course! Betsey Johnson made a personal appearance at Nordstrom’s to celebrate The Grove’s Ten Year Anniversary Shoes!
I don’t even have to tell you how crazy the crowd and press went when she came out! Betsey definitely knows how to steal the spotlight and light up a room that’s for sure. And to top things off, she even took photos with fans who made a $50 or more purchase. Pretty hot right? Check out the video clip to see this crazy footage! 

Betsey Johnson Shoes!

Love these!

Amour Genesis and Karen Marley!
Quick Fact: Karen Marley is Bob Marley’s Daughter and the Owner of Buttons and Bows in L.A.
Sue Wong

J’adore. J’adore. J’adore. That’s really all I can say about Sue Wong’s collection. I mean her line is so uber chic and one-of-a-kind that many words aren’t needed to explain the talented craftsmanship and creativity in her beautifully produced designs.  Just see for yourself ;)

Some of Sue Wong’s Killer Dresses featured at Bloomingdale’s! 
Oooh Sassy!

Within minutes of touching down from my flight, I learned that L.A. is definitely one of those places that embraces funky, eclectic fashions; bold, jaw-dropping designs and super-trendy looks that represent Cali’s uniqueness and appreciation for fashion, art and style. I was amazed at how fearless people were in terms of their selection of dress, while at the same time in admiration of their confidence and “Girl I know I’m fly attitude!” LOL this was just the icing on the cake for a girl from Chicago. As a lover of fashion and bold art, I’m always fascinated by people who aren’t afraid to represent their uniqueness and still really know how to work it!

Pets dressed in sunglasses and shoes 
LOL this title alone says it all. Yea, only in L.A. will you see pets dressed better than their owners! I mean really? I saw everything from shitzhu’s in red bottoms to Yorkies named, “Fancy” shopping at Arden B. It was crazy, but I loved it! And just when I thought I saw it all, there it was….a little pooch trotting down The Grove in a pair of FLY sunglasses! Gotta love it right? LOL 

Me and Fancy Shopping at Arden B.!
Work it honey!
Uh Oh! Check out the cutie with the fabulous red bottoms! LOL

That’s right, dogs are still one of the hottest accessories out! Just ask L.A.
Beautiful Inter-racial Couples

The dating game in L.A. is definitely quite heavy. There were so many couples, both young and older, embracing, holding hands, looking incredibly happy and in-love. But one thing that really caught my attention was the number of beautiful inter-racial couples that I saw. It was so incredible to see pairs of men and women of different ethnicities walking together and appearing so happy, while consciously living in a world without color and race. L.A. is filled with a mix of inter-racial couples that proudly love one another and accept each other for strengths and characteristics much deeper than skin tone and race. I don’t know about you guys, but this is the kind of world that I want to live in. 
Just three words:
Yeeaaahhhh Baby Yeeaahhh! Now Hollywood was definitely one of the highlights of my trip! From getting stopped in the street by an NBA player to taking pics with a Sylvester Stallone look-alike, I just enjoyed it all. To start this story off, my publicist and I were playing the tourist game (you know taking lots of pictures, sight-seeing, and getting caught up in the crazy crowds of people thrilled by the fascination of Hollywood life.
I took lots and lots of pictures by a few of the iconic Hollywood Street Stars. These were some of my favorites!
Michael Jackson
Queen Latifah
Julie London
(Quick Fact: I used her “Why don’t you do right” song in my fashion film J )
Mr. Playboy Himself (That’s right it’s Hugh Hefner) 
John Singleton
The Amazing Elton John!
Shirley Temple Signature and Hand Prints! (One of my favorite childhood stars!)
The Lovely Julie Andrews Signature and Handprints! (Love her)
Me and Sylvester Stallone (Don’t worry he’s just a look-a-like lol)
Meet Team Bad Ass!

Me and I Love Lucy!

Me and Marilyn!

Me, Michael Beasley (NBA Player) and one of his friends! (For those of you that don’t know, Beasley’s on the right)

The Grove
The Grove is definitely one of the hottest places to be in L.A. It’s so beautiful, relaxing, and friendly for everyday tourists and well-known celebs!

Me at The Grove!

Spotted these at The Grove! (Anyone that knows me knows that I love Big, Fabulous Hats!)

This adorable little guy I met at The Grove!
The Beverly Center
The Beverly Center was by far one of the best shopping centers in L.A. This premiere fashion destination has over 160 specialty boutiques reflecting the diverse styles and tastes of L.A. While there I visited their fabulous Bloomingdale’s, where they featured this beautiful, pink-inspired Benefit Cosmetics Pop-up Shop to tempt and tease beauty lovers like myself J
Not only did I have some fun with a little makeup, but I met these two Uber Handsome Gents at The Beverly Center too!

Me and These Two Handsome Gents at The Beverly Center!

Third Street Promenade

Guys I absolutely loved the Third Street Promenade! It was really fun and a great place to be if you want to relax, shop, watch the exciting entertainment, and just indulge in the endless beach life of Santa Monica, California.
During my visit there I watched these really talented dancers perform a series of awesome dance numbers and amaze the crowd with their humor and out-of-the box dance routines. Their live performance was definitely hot and perfect for a date at the Third Street Promenade. Check it out loves!

A.G. to the Triple OG and One of Cali's Hottest Dance Teams! LOL

For those of you who’ve heard of a trendy little store called Kitson, you’ll know why it was so important for me to visit. That’s right, I over-indulged in “retail therapy” by stopping this famous eclectic store and taking photos with just about everything that I thought was cool. Check out a few photos below!

Having a ball at the Kitson Store!

Love these  signature Kitson bags!

Chi-town Pillow! (Everyone needs one of these ;) 

Beverly Hills
 The Fab Life on Rodeo Drive

I still can’t believe that I was in the same place where Julia Robert’s, “Pretty Woman” was shot. This made my day and made me feel like a little “Pretty Woman” myself for just being there ;)

The Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Amour Genesis at this beautiful fountain in Beverly Hills!


The girls were definitely all over these little guys! I mean when I say they were screaming, they were really sccreeeaaammminnnggg!!! Mikeya and I felt so old in the crowd because we couldn’t take the noise and even had to wear earplugs lol.  But what can I say, this was definitely expected since Mindless Behavior put on such a great performance and really owned L.A. that night! If I was still in my teen years, I would have been jumping, screaming and extra fanatic too! And besides they’re so cute. Who couldn't help but love these adorable guys? Check out a clip from their recent concert in L.A.

 Anna Madorsky
She’s beautiful. Anna Madorsky is amazing guys. Her voice and spirit syncs so beautifully together and harmonizes in a way that forces you to love her. Although it was my first time ever hearing her voice, I loved every minute of her live performance during her listening party. And did I mention that she’s quite the character too? Anna has one of the best personality’s ever and she is so funny! Just being around and listening to what she has to say is equally delightful and entertaining.

Amour Genesis and one of L.A.'s Hottest Singing Sensations, Anna Madorsky!

Well Beauties it was great sharing my amazing experience from L.A. I hope you guys enjoyed all of the exciting things that I had to share and all of the pictures highlighting my experience. I wish I could have packed you all up in my polka dot suitcase or should I say suitcases (because I do travel heavy lol) and taken you with me! Until next time, stay fabulously glamorous and look out for more signature blogs from your favorite It Girl!

A Bientot Loves!