Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The AmourGenesis Favorite Nail Color of the Week

The AmourGenesis Favorite Nail Color of the Week

And the lucky winner is…      

Ladies and Magenta-Men

Get Obsessed with My Hot Pink Madness
Four words…“I love this color!”
My favorite nail polish this week is definitely “Ladies and Magenta-Men” because I love bright, hot pink. It looks great with any fashion style and compliments perfectly with natural and creative makeup looks. 

And did I mention that you can wear it with any lip color?

I’ve seen so many girls wear this color and it stands out from a mile away.

Ladies and Magenta-Men is the perfect recipe for a trendy, bold and attention-stopping look. If you’re looking for a new nail color, but not sure what to try first, definitely pick up O.P.I’s “Ladies and Magenta-Men.” 

  You can’t go wrong in hot pink!

More About O.P.I.
O.P.I ‘s nail polish is by far one of the most popular nail lacquer brands because they have the perfect shades to compliment every girl.  Whether you’re in your teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond, O.P.I. has right match for you and is sure to leave your nails glowing for days.

Visit www.opi.com/ to find your favorite nail color today!

Until Next Time,
Be Bright, Be Pink, Be Beautiful!

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