Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shoe Fly Shoe

Shoe Fly Shoe!
A Celebration of the Newest Edition to my Closet and the Talented work of Melody Ehsani
One of my fellow fashion bloggers told me about designer, entrepreneur and model, Melody Ehsani. 

The first time I visited her website I knew I couldn’t leave her online store without buying at least one thing.  Her fabulous custom designs, jewelry and shoe collections are super trendy and absolutely gorgeous. 

This girl has some of the baddest, boldest, and most beautiful accessories and shoes I have EVER seen! 

Even celebrity greats like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson, Alicia Keys and many others are rocking her designs. Check out Keri Hilson wearing her “No Boys Chain.”

See Beyonce looking stunning as always in Melody Ehsani’s Masaai inspired “Celebration” necklace on the Cover of Time Magazine!!

See Nicki Minaj, “The Harijuku Barbie” trending Melody Ehsani’s earrings in her “Massive Attack” video.

My Fly Shoes!
Melody Ehsani’s shoes are the perfect compliment for her bold accessories and trendy custom designs. 

Check out the jewel-beaded heels I bought when I shopped at her store.

The Fabulous AmourGenesis wearing
Melody Ehsani’s “Spacey.”
For more information and to shop with 
Melody Ehsani visit

Until Next Time,
Be Bad, Be Bold, Be Beautiful!

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