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"She walks into any event full of confidence and elegance, radiating a presence so contagious, so overpowering, and so memorable. Her name, Amour Genesis, a woman who maintains a positive attitude even in the toughest moments and always makes it a goal to empower those around her - lift those who have surrendered with her words. She is the meaning of a courageous woman, one who sets her mind to reach her dreams while helping others reach theirs. The world will soon see a lot more of Amour Genesis. She is what we need, she is the "it" girl - and we can't wait to fall deeper in love with her." ~ Omar Villalobos, Fashion Industry Professional/Vogue Intern
"Amour I am happy to have met you at the Sheila Kelly SFactor Event! You are fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing and caring! I know you will be very successful on your journey! Much love!" ~ Gloria Williams, The Footnanny
"The Amour Genesis brand is all about luxury and bringing a positive attitude to beautiful young girls. Genesis' continued efforts to support the arts, fashion, and non-profit organizations in her community gives these girls a role model to look up to!" ~ Benjamin Cottrell, Fashion Stylist/Event Producer, Benjamin Cottrell Designs
"Amour Genesis is such an amazing young woman. She’s fun & sassy and really knows her stuff. I really enjoy her “Glamoursodes” on her show, “The Glamorous Life." She has such a bubbly personality making her show a joy to watch. Not only is it entertaining, it is very informative." ~ Tamika Moore, Peachy Keen Mom
"Amour Genesis is Pure Glamorous. She has an Elegant taste in Fashion that she brings forth with her beauty. Amour Genesis is the example of a "Young Entrepreneur" who is growing her brand with her sense of style and radiant looks. She is Graceful with her style and beauty that she is a work of Art we can all stare at and dream away............She is Amour Genesis, Fabulous and Smart." ~ Rafi Garcia, Fashion Stylist
 "Amour Genesis takes a new stylish approach to covering all things fashion and fashionable on "The Glamorous Life" show. Not only are viewers treated to a exciting and entertaining spin on all things stylish, chic and glamorous...they also get to experience a day in the life of one of fashion's new "it" girls! The show is informative and well produced elements that will make each and every "Glamoursode" a staple in the world of Fashion!" ~ Ogi Merzier, Owner/Founder/Editor N Chief of HUSH Chicago Magazine and Owner/SR. PR Coordinator of Fashion Emerge PR 
"I would like to sing the praises of Amour Genesis. She's such a delight to work around. Sweet, beautiful, and humble. She loves fashion and it loves her back. Can't wait to see her at the top. Keep pushing my Angel." ~ Borris J. Powell, Designer
 “I can't say enough great things about Genesis. She is such a doll! I have known Genesis for about a year. Watching her growth in such a short amount of time is extremely tremendous. I am so proud of her and the "Glamorous Life". Her following is growing so rapidly. I love working with Genesis and wish her continued success!” ~Arlana Andrews, Allure Beauty Lounge
 “Genesis is just a ball of joy and just a great person to be around.  You can be in a bad mood and she will pick you right up!!  And thats how you should feel when talking to someone.” ~ Marco Foster, Chicago Models
"Amour Genesis is the essence of pretty glam chic." ~ Laurie Underwood, Designer, Wanda Grace

"Amour Genesis is the very essence of glamor and class if that is what your event needs; she has a powerful, yet elegant presence when you meet her in person and on camera."
~ Renita S. Manley-Garrett
Revamped Image Consulting Owner, Executive and Lifestyle Wardrobe Coach,
Fashion Fetish FeteDirector and Producer
Founder of Chicago Fashion and Arts for Humanity

“She has always been one to light up the room.” ~ Marissa Kendrick, Designer, Deleay Lashay

"People consider beauty to be a rare thing, but beauty is everything but rare; it exists in every situation and in every being. The one thing about beauty, that is rare though, is an individual who can recognize beauty's omniscient presence in our lives. Amour Genesis embodies this belief because when you encounter her presence, you notice she always has a smile on her face. It is because she knows something that many of us don't - the presence of beauty in everything. It is with that understanding, she carries herself with grace and style as she continues onto her evolutionary journey." ~ Gordana Rasic of GOCA

"At Thierry Roger Couturier we believe in Timeless and Classic elegance without being dated. In those days and age of Avant Garde Fashion and sexy outfits we came to realized that Classiness never dies and every Woman should feel and look like a “Lady”. Amour Genesis embodies this message with class and grace even being from the “young” generation." ~ Thierry Roger, Designer

Horacio Nieto believes that a woman posses beauty within herself and uses tools such as clothing and accessories to make it radiate. Style creates a story for the woman to express her emotions and to tell us her story. Genesis embodies these qualities and is able to have her beauty shine while still telling us her story with her style.” ~ Horacio Nieto, Designer
 “Amour Genesis without question is what I picture a star to be; personable, educated, relatable and stunning. Who else should young women aspire to be in the 21st century?" ~ RL Fox, President of The Glamour Groupe

“Well earlier I said you were a Rockstar but really after watching your videos/glamorous life vids; You are the perfect combination of Beauty and Professionalism. You are living proof that having class is and will always be sexy. You interviewed some very accomplished artists and yet the whole time I was drawn to you gazing as I would a star at night. You sparkle and shine in front of the camera. Young, Beautiful, Glamorous, Professional, Powerful, Infectious, Sexy, Artistic you are a role model for all young woman and an inspiration for all older woman to persevere and embrace their inner glamour they forgot about or never knew they had. You glow from the inside out and light up all those around you. Cheers and God Bless your hard work, dedication and imagination is recognized and appreciated.” ~ Giovanni Pauletti, Actor

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