Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Princess Closet!

Where Prom Dreams Become Reality

For those of you that may not know, The Princess Closet is a non-profit organization committed to granting prom wishes for teens and awarding academic scholarship for Chicago’s female youth. As we all know, it’s every girl’s wish to go to prom and look and feel glamorously beautiful. However, this is sometimes a challenge for many families because they cannot always afford to cover their daughter’s financial prom expenses such as purchasing her dress, shoes, accessories, and even other traditional items such as prom tickets, transportation to and from prom, and everything else that goes into planning for this big special day. That’s where the Princess Closet comes in. We help our teens and save their families many of these burdens by providing free, beautiful prom dresses for our teens, accessories whenever possible and even complimentary hair and makeup services for those that are truly in need. In turn, we’re able to grant the prom wishes of Chicago’s teens and ensure that their prom experience is as beautiful and special as they are. 

I must say that it is quite an honor to be the Spokesmodel and Honorary Board Member for Chicago’s own, Princess Closet. This team of dedicated “fairy god-mothers” are always committed to helping our female youth both personally and academically, and further more have devoted themselves to making dreams come true. I couldn’t ask for a better organization to be a part of. I love what the Princess Closet is doing and I’m proud to say that I am involved in their organization.

 What Have We Done for Teens Lately?
Martina and I holding up her scholarship award on Univision TV!

The Princess Closet was recently featured live on Univision TV to present “The Believe to Achieve” Scholarship to our heartfelt winner, Martina Cohran. It was such a honor to have to the experience of touching Martina’s life and helping her on her journey to college. Martina’s such a beautiful and intelligent young woman and we were all very happy to have helped her in her academic endeavors.

The Princess Closet presenting “The Believe to Achieve” Scholarship Award to Martina Cohran (center)

 Martina enjoying Connie’s Pizza and the beautiful pink gift bags I made for her!

Well loves, I hope you enjoyed my highlights from the Princess Closet "Believe to Achieve" scholarship presentation. This was truly a great experience and I look forward to sharing more exciting things with you guys soon! 

In the meantime, please visit for more information and the latest news from The Princess Closet. 

 Au Revoir Princesses!

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