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Bringing Sexy Back!

I still can’t believe this, but on Thursday night I had the opportunity of not only watching a live presentation from S Factor’s Fabulous Founder, Sheila Kelley, but I also had a chance to sit down with her one-on-one and talk about the profound wave of femininity and sensuality that she started with her highly talked about S Factor Fitness Classes!

I must say, at first I thought S Factor’s event was going to be similar to all the other overtly sexy fitness fads, but it was honestly nothing like that, and actually quite refreshing seeing the empowering message and mission behind it. For those of you that don’t know, S Factor started because Sheila Kelley wanted to empower women to embrace, find and identify their femininity and sensuality, despite many of society’s messages teaching us to take on more masculine roles and leave our true gender and biological traits behind. This is so amazing because even though our society instills typical values such as “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” Sheila has successfully transformed our once definition of modern-day femininity to a more sensual, erotic and soulful meaning that she believes every woman embodies.

When chatting with Sheila one-on-one, I felt so connected with her and even inspired by her passion to bring femininity back and help women all over the world to embrace their inner sexy, sensual sides. Check out some of the highlights from our discussion below:

The Modern Wave of Femininity and Sexy
Me: What advice would you give women who are looking to be more empowered and feel more of their inner feminine, sensual side and embrace that, but they’re having a problem with self-esteem or self-confidence or their lacking in those departments. What advice would you give them so they can actually start and explore on that journey like you did?

Sheila Kelley: I think that for me, the number one tool that women need to use that can’t get to an S Factor Studio or can’t get a dvd, is to practice what I call the three C’s: Constantly, Consciously, Cultivating their five feminine geniuses. Their five feminine geniuses are those wonderful gifts that set a woman apart from a man biologically and neurologically, and emotionally, sensually.
And when you live consciously in your body, consciously in your curves, and your breath and your sensuality, you turn your feminine on in a way that society has, or the world has turned it off for one reason or another. But you want to consciously do it. You can’t just go, “I’m gonna think my way into this”. You have to literally sit and rub your hands together. Rub your fingers up and down your arm. Stick a deep, deep inhale of the aroma around you. To live, to embody the moment, to embody your sensuality. I can’t go yea I’m gonna think about it. No you can’t think about it but you can embody it. And you have to practice it Embody the moment, embody your sensuality. And you have to practice it. You have to practice when you walk down the street, just syncing into your curves, syncing into your hips, glazing in your body, lifting your curves. Your breasts should enter the room five minutes before you and your ass needs to leave the room five minutes after you leave it. You need to leave the feminine whiff of you anywhere and everywhere you go.

Me: That’s remarkable. It’s funny because we’ve been trained not to do that, like live a certain way, behave a certain way.

Sheila Kelley: We call it miny-manning.

Me: Yes!

Sheila Kelley: We miny-man ourselves up.

Me: I actually graduated from Loyola last year and I took a really interesting feminine class. It was about doing your gender and feminine gender, and sexuality in our society and learning how to be feminine and learning how to be masculine. And it’s just really interesting how they train us to be a certain way and act a certain way and expect certain things of us to actually do or make our gender and it doesn’t always fit that category. We’re all different in our own way and there’s no way that you can just say like “you can’t be a certain way” or “embrace who you are”.

Sheila Kelley: It’s just that we live in an overly masculine world. And we’ve therefore cultivated the masculine elements of who we are because that’s what’s valued in the world we live in. So we have to reset our mind or reset the way we do it, the way we live, how we live. It’s about how you live. Do you live mindlessly in the future? Do you live thinking about the past? Or do you live in the feminine in the moment?

Me: It’s funny because they teach us to be submissive towards men and let them control us and dominant us. And I don’t believe in that. I think we’re all equals.

Sheila Kelley: We are equal in our differences. We are uniquely different. And we are of equal value, but we’re not the same, we are of equal value. It’s just that the feminine gifts have been degraded. The entire culture is dying for the feminine to come and assert herself. To bring softness back, to bring sensuality back, to bring emotions back. We’ve been taught to curve everything that’s so beautiful about us and I’m all about breaking that rule and resetting who and what we are.

Me: I like that! And I also wanted to know what can we expect to see from S Factor in the future?

Sheila Kelley: Well we’re going to be doing more umm retreats. We’ll be doing these things called jamborees. Which is going to be similar to what Tony Rogers does, larger groups. He does smaller groups like mine. The retreats we do are small and intimate. We’re going to be doing larger venues and larger groups of women. And there’s new book coming out in the spring and it’s a way in toward a woman’s erotic creature without the movement, and through journaling and emotionality. That’s gonna be amazing. It’s like women all over the world without a studio will be able to define who they in their erotic creative and will be able to find their triad through these excercises and 12-week exercises. So that’s happening. We’re gonna to be expanding the studios. We’re going to be franchising and licensing, and we’re just continuing to grow in this new industry that we launched.

Me: Yes! I like how you’re the first person and the pioneer to actually invent this as well too and then other people just started kind of modeling and doing it afterwards. But I like how you’re not just so much about like just sexy fitness and just eroticism, but more so like actually helping women to see their inner selves and embrace all of that

Sheila Kelley: Well that’s the genesis of my passion is creating a feminine culture, creating a feminine way of life. To be a feminine is equated to the word sexy. And to create a sexy life, to create a feminine life is one of the richest things I’ve ever learned and ever done is because I’m really good at it because I’m feminine but I didn’t know it because I never cultivated my feminine before I found it.


Well Dolls I hope you all enjoyed learning about the S Factor experience and reading the highlights from my interview with the lovely Sheila Kelley. It was so incredible to have an opportunity to chat with her and hear the story that inspired her mission to promote femininity and sensuality. Sheila’s truly a woman that’s not ashamed to embrace her femininity, show her inner eroticism and bring the real definition of sexy back, while still empowering others along the way.

Let’s embrace our femininity, show off our emotions and make sure our asses are the last thing to the leave the room! (It’s always best to make a lasting impression anyway right lol) Ladies enjoy your femininity and love being sexy along the way! The girls over at S Factor are doing it, and it’s definitely working for them.

To learn more about S Factor and the Founder, Sheila Kelley visit:

Salut Beauties,
Amour Genesis
Photos Courtesy of: S Factor

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