Monday, August 20, 2012

The Beauty Bank!

Hey lovebugs! I’m super excited to bring you guys my first feature from The Beauty Bank! I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the latest beauty products, revealing my signature beauty secrets, and helping you ladies shop for the best and most affordable beauty products on the market! I don’t know about you, but this sounds stunningly beautiful to me!
Aida Cosmetics Goes Glam Naturelle!
Let’s face it ladies! Smoky eye makeup is incredibly sexy and is always in style, but I don’t think you’ll look too glamorous wearing it at 8am when the rest of world is just waking up. I mean seriously, who really wants to rock raccoon eyes before 5pm? Not happening in my book ;)
But not to worry because I have good news for you: Yours Truly recently received the perfect beauty gift from Aida Cosmetics – A Natural Eye Shadow Palette! (Can I get a whoop whoop!)
Aida Cosmetics Natural Eye Shadow Palette

Beauty Bits from Aida Cosmetics
Founded in 2008, Aida Cosmetics specializes in fabulous, high-quality makeup products designed for everyday women who want to look and feel glamorous without having to spend a fortune on cosmetics. With Aida Cosmetics you’ll always look and feel beautiful while accomplishing the looks you want to achieve!

Beauty Benefits

Hypoallergenic                 Fragrance Free
Allergy Tested                   Non-comedogenic
Manufactured in North America
        Très Fabulous                   Ultra Glam
Formulated for all skin types

Glamour Me Pink and Purple Style!

Bold Beauty! 

The Golden Vixen!

Aida Cosmetics Makes You Feel Like a Natural Woman!
Check out pics of Amour Genesis wearing “Stars in Your Eyes” Eyeshadow Palette by Aida Cosmetics!

 Find out what Amour Genesis Thinks about Stars in Your Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

One of the things I love most about Aida Cosmetics is that this brand is never afraid to step outside of the box and get creative with beauty and glamour. And what’s even better is that, even when you’re just wearing natural makeup, this brand still has just enough flair and natural edge to give you the perfect look you’re going for, without making you overdo it.

The “Stars in Your Eyes” Eyeshadow Palette is very light, non-greasy, non-sticky or heavy, doesn’t irritate or break out the skin (which is so important for me because I have super sensitive skin), feels natural and is the perfect compliment for your already beautiful, natural facial features.

Aida Makeup Cosmetics brings out your best features to help you not only look, but feel like a Glam Goddess too! Try Aida Makeup Cosmetics “Stars in Your Eyes” Eye Shadow Palette for a glamorous, all-day wear beauty look!

Check out Amour Genesis’ Natural Beauty Tips
Inside Beauty Tips from A.G.
1. Start at the base of your eyelid and apply a darker, but subtle natural eye shadow color

2. Next, slowly work your way up towards your eyebrows by applying a series of natural color hues that are lighter than your base shade.

3. Add hints of colors like nudes, pinks, golds and bronzes to create more natural drama and add a bit more flair to your breathtaking look (Note: Ladies you don’t have to add all of these additional colors. Try one of these colors first and then add more as needed, but never add too much product. Less is always better).

4. Blend all of your pretty shades together to create an even, toned and smooth eye shadow look. (Always remember to thoroughly blend your eyeshadow so your colors maintain a soft balance and naturally compliment each other.)

5. Apply a brown, black or metallic eye liner and mascara or faux lashes to really make your eyes pop and bring a little sexy to your good girl image. (Wink! ;) 

Questions or Comments?

Where to find Aida Makeup Cosmetics
Visit to purchase Stars in Your Eyes today and to check out other Beautiful Products from this line!

 À bientôt BeautyBugs!

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