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Makeup Talk with Shelly Taggar: Post Notes from the Makeup Show Chicago!

Makeup Talk
           with Shelly Taggar
Post-Notes from the Makeup Show Chicago!

Salut Glamnistas! I’m so excited to bring you guys the recaps from the Makeup Show Chicago. It was such an awesome experience covering the mid-west’s most anticipated beauty event with the industry’s top celebrity makeup artists and talented artists alike, to bring you highlights of the season’s hottest makeup trends and must-have beauty products! 

And what better way to share all the exclusives from this year’s Makeup Show Chicago than bringing you my one-on-one chat with the Makeup Show’s Founder, Shelly Taggar.

Q&A With Shelly Taggar

Amour Genesis: What inspired you to start The Makeup Show? 

Shelly Taggar: I met Michael DeVellis, who came up to me with the idea of doing a makeup show, since there weren’t any makeup shows currently in the NY area for makeup artists. Soon after we partnered and started working on producing the NY show for 2006.

Amour Genesis: How were you able to expand the Makeup Show out to so many different cities and even branch out internationally? 

Shelly Taggar: I have a great team, so 2 years ago we bought our partner share and decided to expand the event. We hired some more artists and staff, and started first doing research of which cities we should bring the show.   In one year we doubled the amount of shows we had, and now are growing with one new show each year.

Amour Genesis: Was it challenging to expand your show to Europe seeing many of the cultural beauty and style differences?  

Shelly Taggar: The challenge in going to a new city no matter where, is always high. You need to find people in the industry in each city you go to and connect with them and they will help bring the community together.   We work with Maske Berlin in Germany which is a great store for makeup, and they were the ones that helped us in this market. In terms of style differences, we make sure we subscribe to the market fashion and beauty magazines, and attend events such as Berlin Fashion Week to give us knowledge of the market.

Amour Genesis: What differences and highlights can Chicagoans expect to see at next year's Makeup Show? 

Shelly Taggar: We plan on growing the show even more and our team is working on some ideas. The show just happened last week, so I don't have any news just yet, but it will be bigger than ever, with more special events that we do in LA and NYC coming to Chicago as well.

Amour Genesis: What celebrity makeup artists do you hope to work with in the future and include in the Makeup Show next year?

Shelly Taggar: My dream is to work with Dick Page or Pat McGrath.  One day I hope they can be a part of the show.

Amour Genesis: What was the number one thing that you hoped the makeup artist attendees to gain from at this year's Makeup Show Chicago? 

Shelly Taggar: I hope they were able to network and meet some great artists and brands, and I hope they sat in on some of the keynotes and got inspired by them. Sitting in on Billy B's keynote seminar makes you want to do so much more, even for me, and I am not a makeup artist. Getting inspired is very important, it's what pushes us, so I hope they got inspired after leaving the show.

Amour Genesis: What were some of your favorite workshops presented at the Makeup Show Chicago?

Shelly Taggar: I love my team of artists and they are each great educators: Jon Hennessey, Orlando Santiago, Kathy Aragon, and Danessa Myricks. Billy B's keynote is always a favorite of mine too. Since day one he has supported our show. I also love working with AJ Crimson, Tia Dantzler, Eugenia Weston, and Marietta Carter-Narcisse.

Amour Genesis: What was it like having Style Network's "Chicagolicious" film their reality show at the Makeup Show?

Shelly Taggar: They are a nice team of people, and I hope the episode will show some great hair and makeup.

Amour Genesis: What new talent can attendees and artists expect to see next year? (This includes, makeup artists, hair stylists, body painters, etc.)

Shelly Taggar: We always try to bring new artists each year. We haven't started planning yet, but it will be bigger than ever that's for sure.

Alright Beauties, I hope you enjoyed my interview with Shelly Taggar and her must-see highlights from the Makeup Show Chicago. Stay tuned for more exciting interviews and signature blogs from yours truly. Enjoy being Fabulous Dolls! XOXO

Au Revoir Glamnistas!
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