Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fabulous Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts Under $50

Fabulous Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50
Treat the lovely lady in your life with something special!

Hello Lovelies! It looks like it’s that time again…yes that’s right, Mother’s Day! Oh how it seems like the holidays come by faster and faster each year, and of course most of us are never planned for them in time. But not to worry, Amour Genesis has 12 special gifts to make your Mama Mia happy in $50 or less!

Gift #1 “La Mère du Printemps Ultimate Package!”
(The Mother of Spring Ultimate Package)

Take Her to Paris with the Gift of Love!

Give her this beautiful Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Mini Ritual Gift Set for only $12.50!

This Gift Set Includes:
-         3 oz. Body Lotion
-         3 oz. Shower Gel
-         3 oz. Fragrance Mist
-          Free Sponge

Or try it in a cute collection gift box!

A $17 value for only $12.50!

Treat her with a Parisian Splish Splash Gift Set for just $30
This Gift Sets Includes:
-         A cute pink tub (that you can use to hold your favorite products or beauty necessities)
-         Shower Gel 10 oz.
-         Body Lotion 8 oz.
-         Fragrance Mist 8 oz.
-         Triple Moisture Body Cream 10 oz.
 Mini sponge
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Gift #2 “Shower Her With Flowers!”

This is the perfect gift for those that want to get more value for their bucks while still showing their mom how much they truly love her on Mother’s Day! Shower the lady in your life with flowers, chocolates and a beautiful pink vase for just $39.99- an offer you won’t want to miss!

This Package Includes:
-         10 Pink Tulips
-         10 Blue Iris
-         Measures Approximately 15” Tall
-         Includes a Free Pink Vase, Chocolates and Mom Pick

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Gift # 3 “Mix it and Match it!”
Give her something to talk about! Trust me on this one, Philosophy products are definitely at the top of every Beauty Queen’s wishlist. Their skin and fragrance body sets have an incredible scent and will keep your skin moisturized, smooth and glowing all day long. Indulge her in this Amazing Grace “Head to Toe” Fragrance Discovery Set for just $35 at ULTA!

And did I tell you that you even get a special free gift with your purchase?  I think someone better head to over ULTA and fast!

This Package Includes:
-         Amazing Grace Shampoo
-         Bath and Shower Gel 4oz.
-         Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion 4oz.
-         Fragrance Spray 0.5 oz.

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The Amazing Grace Mother’s Day Fragrance Layering Set

With just $47.50 you’ll have your mother pampered in no time!

This Package Includes:
-         Amazing Grace Fragrance Spray
-         Perfumed Body Butter
-         Graceful Pink Nail Polish

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And don’t forget your FREE Gift with your purchase ;)

Gift #4 “Dazzle Her in Jewelry!”
If it’s one thing we all know, ladies love jewelry. So shower your mother with lots of love and dazzle by purchasing these fabulous sterling silver diamond gifts!

She Holds the Key to Every Heart!
I think she’ll love this beautiful sterling silver diamond pendant on this one of a kind Fleur De Lis Key! And guess what? It’s on sale at Macy’s for just $40.50!

Well in that case, I’ll take TWO!

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Who’s Got the Biggest Heart?

This so reminds me of true love! Try these stylish little hearts to show your mom how much you really adore her! Spend only $40.50 at Macy’s and you’ll have your special lady glowing in diamonds!

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Gift #5 Fruity and Fabulous!
Give your mother the gift of delicious treats that will remind her just how sweet she is!

If she’s a chocolate girl and fruit lover she’ll definitely enjoy these!

Chocolate Indulgence Strawberries- Mother’s Day for just $45

What a well-deserved treat for all her hard work!

Try these Chocolate Dipped Strawberries for just $15
Includes a box of 6 delicious chocolate covered strawberries

Savor the Flavor with these Chocolate Dipped Apples and Strawberries with Mixed Toppings for only $39

Try this Sweet-Tooth Trio for just $25!

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Apples and Bananas

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Alright guys! I hope you all found something wonderful and affordable to give your moms for Mother’s Day. Have a Happy Mother’s Day weekend and stay tuned for more upcoming blog posts by yours truly, Amour Genesis!

Bisous Bisous,
Amour Genesis

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