Friday, August 26, 2011

Who Said Snake Skin Was Just for Fashion?

Beauty Trend Alert!
Who Said Snake Skin Was Just for Fashion?

Ladies if you thought snake skin was just for fashion and apparel, you’re in for a huge surprise! The snake skin look is definitely taking over, but this time it’s on our hands and feet ;)

No Ordinary Nail Art

Kiss your ordinary mani and pedi goodbye and say hello to the Bio Sculpture Gel Snake Skin fetish that’s making everyone go wild!

This sexy snake skin look is made from 100%, natural snake skin and is cut to size and shaped to perfectly fit your nails. 

Unlike most nail art designs, the snake skin application is a brand new manicure/pedicure technique that lasts up to three weeks.  And the best part is- It won’t chip!

Step by Step Process for Snake Skin Nails
1.   Apply your favorite color(s) to go underneath the snakeskin
2.   Cure the gel for 2 minutes under a UV light box
3.   Hand-cut snake skin pieces to fit your nails
4.   Dip snake skin pieces into clear gel on both sides
5.   Spread snake skin over nails like a piece of wall paper
6.   Shape, Trim and Clean nails
7.   Finish with a thin coating of clear gel 

Things to Know
The process takes about 2.5 hours total and the price range is anywhere from $150-$300.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side
Bobbie Thomas, Style Editor for the Today Show, gives us a fabulous beauty trend from Bio Sculpture Gel on national TV. 

Check out the Today Show featuring a behind-the-scenes video of Bio Sculpture’s snake skin manicure:

Glamorous Celebs Wearing Bio Sculpture Gel Nails
Kimberly Cole in her Beautiful Bio Sculpture Gel Nails

Katy Perry wearing her awesome Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure

How to Get Sexy Anaconda Nails?
If you’re looking for a new manicure and pedicure look, be sure to contact a Bio Sculpture salon in your area. 

Visit to locate your nearest salon!

Check out these Chicago salons for Bio Sculpture Gel Nails
No Chip Nail Boutique
Red Karma Hair Spa
Secret Garden Nail Spa
Gold Coast Spa at Indigo Hotel
Michael Anthony Salon
& Many Others!

Why Use Bio Sculpture Gel?

Because it’s The Gel that works!
As the Inventors of: Soak Off Gel, Color Gel, and Gel Nail Sculptures. Bio Sculpture leads the nail industry in all categories: Appearance, Health, Durability, Simplicity and Ease of Application and Removal.
Applied without any primers or bonders, Bio Sculpture natural nail gels will not lift, chip, crack or wear away at the free edge if applied correctly.

The Healthier Alternative
Bio Sculpture Gel strengthens, conditions, and promotes the growth of your natural nails while allowing weak, brittle nails to grow. There is no inhaling of dust, vapors, smelly odors and no excessive buffing before, during, or after application. Gel can quickly and safely be removed within ten to fifteen minutes with Bio Sculpture Gel Remover (Soak Off).

No Chip Manicures
Gel is applied thin and natural looking without the use of primers, bonders or sealers. Strong and durable, yet flexible, Bio Sculpture Gel gives the nail the ability to bend without cracking or splintering. It will not lift, chip, smudge, or wear away at the free edge for weeks on end. It dries instantly under a UV-A light, so no more waiting for polish to dry. 

Chip Proof Pedicures
No drying time! Put on your shoes and walk right out the door with no smudged toenails. Keep feet immaculately groomed for weeks with no worn or ragged edges. We offer an extensive pedicure line for treating and nourishing feet and toes.

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For more information about Bio Sculpture Gel and their amazing nail products visit

“One snake’s trash is another nails treasure!”
-Terry Silacci, Bio Sculpture USA Educator 

Until We Meet Again,
Be Stylish, Be Sexy, Be Snake Skinned!

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