Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bad Girl Gone Chic!

Bad Girl Gone Chic
It’s Elegant. It’s Sexy. It’s Lace!

Marc Jacob’s 2011 Fall Collection

Meet Fall’s New Stellar Trend and Polished Look for the Modern Sexy Woman with an All-Purpose Style. 

Who Says Lace Was Invented Just for the Bedroom?

Lace is one of the largest growing trends this fall. It’s been seen on many celebrities and looks hot any time of day. 

Whether you’re going to a big gala, local event in town or even to work, you are bound to stop traffic wearing this sexy look. 

Bring Your Sexy Back in Lace 
 One of the reasons why I love lace this season is because of its versatility and appeal to the everyday woman. 

Whether you’re a hot twenty-two or fabulous forty-year-old, there’s plenty of trendy lace looks that will compliment your style and most importantly make you feel confident in what you’re wearing. 

Sure, we all want to be sexy, but why not be confident and comfortable while doing it?

I have some great tips for you on the best places to shop to pick up your favorite lace pieces!

How to Wear: Fashion Tips From AmourGenesis  
Tip #1 When wearing your lace try to choose colors that compliment your skin tone and flatter your shape. 

Tip #2 Because lace is made of open and see-through patterns, you always have to make sure it looks classy, sophisticated and tasteful. The last thing any style diva wants is to look like she has no clue about fashion.

Tip #3 Always remember to wear appropriate undergarments. For example, if you’re wearing white lace, you should be wearing a white bra, panty or slip underneath so that you don’t draw the wrong attention or interfere with the colors of your outfit. If you’re wearing odd colors like reds, blues, purples, pinks, etc.- you should wear undergarments that are subtle in color and don’t take any attention away from your look. 

Tip #4 Don’t be afraid to accessorize and play up your lace. The delicacy of lace is so pretty that you don’t need much, but there’s nothing wrong with simple accessories. You can play up your lace with a variety of accessories like: gloves, fishnet and other printed panty hose, pendants, long necklaces, brooches, big rings, scarves, and many other additional pieces.
* Note, just don’t wear these all at once

Fall Fashion Brings Lace to Our Shopping Bags

The Best Places to Shop
Dolce & Gabbana

Short Lace Dress, Hook-and-Bar, Zip Fly Closure, Lined Interior, Sleeveless
Lace Short Dress, Denim Cotton, Rear Zip Closure, Unlined, Frill, Shoe String Laces
Visit www. http://www.dolcegabbana.com

Lace Dress, Straight-cut lace dress with 3/4-length sleeves and buttons at neck, Jersey lining.

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Visit http://www.hm.com/us

Cynthia and Steffe

Cynthia Steffe Gretchen Lace Dress. You can find this on www.saksfifthavenue.com or your nearest Saks Fifth Avenue department store.

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  1. Love the Lace! :-) My favorite piece is the Cynthia Steffe Gretchen Lace Dress. It's very lovely!

  2. Thank you Tami! And yes, Cynthia Steffe's Gretchen Lace Dress is very stunning! It's definitely a lace dress that I would wear.

    Thank you for following me and please stay tuned for more blogs on my favorite fall collections :)

    Love Being Beautiful,