Monday, June 13, 2011

The Perfect Mascara!

My Mascarade
If you’re still searching for the perfect mascara, bat your lashes ladies because AmourGenesis has the perfect product waiting for you. 
One of the first things people notice about my face are my eyes. I wouldn’t dare be caught dead with clumps, residue and worst of all - untamed lashes. In the glamour world mistakes like these just won’t do.  
Lady Marmalade
When I need the perfect lash for a night out with friends or just a sexy coat to enhance my facial features, I instantly turn to Maybelline's “Colossal Volume Express.” It has a thick Mega Brush that instantly lays on 9x the volume without the extra clump or residue. And did I forget to mention that its volume-plumping formula contains collagen which is a natural protein found in our skin. See girls, with the help of a little Maybelline, our luxurious lashes will be sparking attention in no time!
Faux où Fabulous
Do you ever wish you had rich long lashes like the girls in Moulin Rouge or lengthy layers like Kim Kardashian? If you’re one of these ladies you must try Maybelline's brilliant “Falsies.” 
There’s something you have to love about getting the bang for your buck!  With “Falsies” you spend less than half the price to get the dramatic strip and individual lash look that some pay $100 and more for. I’ll make it easy for you… run to CVS or your nearest drug store and pick up Falsies today. You can’t go wrong with this tube of intense lashes! 
Applying Maybelline’s Mascara: Rock Your Love for Long Lashes
Watch AmourGenesis applying Maybelline’s Colossal Volume Mascara as she gets ready to hit the town. 

                       Try Maybelline products for all your beauty needs!

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